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Six Steps to Scorch Through the Flame Warden Achievement

World of Warcraft will burn up for the next two weeks as the Midsummer Fire Festival ignites a wave of bonfires and risqué pole dances that puts the upcoming Cataclysm mayhem to shame. Even the meekest of toons are taking on this annual right of passage because of the cool prize at stake—the Flame Warden achievement, which awards the namesake title and completes one leg of the Violet Proto-Drake meta-achievement.

If you want to finish the Flame Warden achievement in blazing speed, just follow these six painless steps that can get you past the burning task hoops unscathed.

Step 1-2: Honor and Desecrate the Town Flames
Slip on those running shoes because your first goals are to visit the dozens of festival fires scattered across Alliance and Horde towns.

Each time you honor your faction’s flame or desecrate the opposing faction’s flame, you earn 5 Burning Blossoms which can be redeemed for prizes and essential items (see Step 4). Use the quest lists to plot out a more efficient visiting route to the 30 fires needed to be honored or desecrated for the shortest travel time.

Step 3: Become King of the Fire Festival Become King of the Fire Festival!
After the initial practice of snuffing out the smaller fires of your enemy faction, it’s time to aim for the big leagues. Sneak into all four enemy capital cities and steal the flames burning at the town squares to get gold, consumable items and 25 Burning Blossoms for each successful attempt. You need to be a minimum level 50 to capture all four capital flames and receive the extra item reward of Crown of the Fire Festival.

Step 4: Buy Costumes and Perform a Hot Pole Dance
After honoring and desecrating flames and snatching the sacred bonfires behind enemy lines, you would have racked up at least 400 Burning Blossoms. Use these to purchase the Midsummer Reveler set. These consist of the Mantle of the Fire Festival (100 blossoms), Sandals of Summer (200 blossoms) and Vestment of Summer (100 blossoms).

Wear all three pieces at once to slip into a pole-dancing garb. Then head to the ribbon pole located at any town or capital fire, and dance your heart out like a frenzied reveler. Twirl for a minute to finish step four and get the maximum Ribbon Dance buff that grants a +10% xp boost for killing monsters.

Step 5: Melt Down Ahune the Frost Lord
Buffed up and muscles loosened from pole dancing, there’s no better time to fight the Frost Lord Ahune. Talk to one of the Earthen Ring Elders stationed near city fires to activate the Frost Lord quest line, discover the plot of the Twilight cult, those crazy followers of Deathwing and the Old Gods.

These turn of events will lead you to the Slave Pens in Outland where you will have to summon and defeat the Frost Lord Ahune, who plans to assault Azeroth from his elemental plane stronghold. Level 80 toons won’t break a sweat fighting Ahune, but venturing into the Slave Pens at the bare minimum level 65 should only do so with a solid group.

There are two phases to the encounter. It begins with a damage-resistant Ahune calling on adds that have to be eliminated quickly. The Ahunite Hailstone should be tanked while the rest can be brought down with focused DPS. Healers should conserve mana and top off damage from adds and ice spikes rising from the ground. This phase lasts for 90 seconds after which the Earthen Ring shamans will have weakened Ahune’s barrier.

The second phase is more of a DPS check. After clearing the adds in the first phase, your entire party should dump as much damage as they can to the vulnerable core of Ahune. This phase will last for just 30 seconds so even tanks and healers should contribute damage whether through normal attacks or wands, if mana is becoming an issue. Should Ahune survive this phase, prepare for another round of phase 1 and hope to survive until he becomes exposed again in the next phase 2.

Step 6: Juggle Your Way to the Finish Line
Should you defeat the Ice Lord and collect his considerable loot (a Frigid Frostling if you’re especially lucky), you’ll be one step away from the Flame Warden achievement.

The last task won’t require painstaking travels or a difficult boss fight. Just purchase two dozen or so Juggling Torches from the holiday vendors, bind the launch torch command to one of your leys, and then spam the living daylights out of that key. The aim is to juggle 40 torches at once and complete the final step.

If you’re having trouble reaching the magic number, try lowering the visual settings to reduce input lag and increase FPS rates since this is the most common hurdle for quest completion. Logging in at less crowded times can also help with the latency issues.

The Midsummer Festival 2010 runs from June 21 to July 3 so you have plenty of time to plot out travel routes, level up to 65, and practice your juggling skills. It’s just a matter of finding time to burn because compared to the luck-based holiday achievements, this one shouldn’t be too hot to handle.

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