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Dec 2, 2010

- More and more porkers are stocking up on WoW Gold. I'm glad they're listening because it's a hassle to buy Gold on launch day. Lines are gonna be packed due to all the nice goodies flooding the auction house. With Gold in your pocket, you can shop without worry.

- No one has won yet our 10,000 WoW Gold prize. We need around 100 more posts to get to the magical number. It doesn't have to be an ode or a whole song of bacon—just casual and quirky descriptions of how sexy our prices are at $2.99 per 1k Gold. Like it's cheap-o-riffic.

Dec 1, 2010

- Wrote up a long post on why you should be buying WoW Gold now instead of waiting until the launch day. It's pretty simple-bacon's gonna be so in demand that you might as well stock up now than risk getting it at higher prices. Let's not even talk about the sausage-long lines.

- WoW Gold Pig price update: $2.99 per 1,000 Gold now. Expect it to stay low for this week but once Cataclysm goes boom then it's going to be climbing like crazy. We promise to do our best to keep it cheap-o for you dudes but nothing's guaranteed. Safest bet is to lock in the price now.

Nov 30, 2010

- There's a new 10,000 WoW Gold contest on our Facebook page. You can still join porkers and give the 133rd unique description of our cheap bacon. It's cheap now at $2.99 per 1,000 Gold so put on those poetic caps and tell us how you're appreciating our Gold.

- It's also the last day of November, which means tomorrow is already Christmas season. Oh boy, oh boy, the excitement of giving away gifts and WoW Gold to my loved ones is too much to bear. Like bacon, gift-giving just makes the world a better place. Packed your presents yet?:@)

Nov 29, 2010

- Thanksgiving will be over soon. :@( It was fun while it lasted, but since I'm a fridge-half-full kind of a porker, I'm looking forward to an even longer vacation during Christmas. Plus Cataclysm will be out by then and I can spend my WoW Gold for "me" presents.

- Since we're on the topic of being greedy, I've noticed guilds are collecting WoW Gold like crazy. Some are doing it to open up new guild bank slots for new Cataclysm mats, while others are setting up a raiding repair fund. Don't be stingy porkers because your guild is like family!

Nov 25, 2010

- Dudes, I can't even walk now from all the Thanksgiving grub I ate. Just sitting here in front of the PC with a big slice of cranberry pie. Reserving it for later after I do a few WoW Gold dailies and visited the sick twister on Ashenvale.

- Speaking of sick things, I'm really enjoying my new human hunter. He's got that swagger like he owns all the WoW Gold in the world and everyone else can suck it up. Asked the porkers if there are any vegetarian pets on WoW so I don't bother taming them. Carnivore pets all the way, man!

Nov 24, 2010

- Leveling in the gnome starter zone was fun! For once, you don't feel like a freak because everyone else is small as a button. Plus all the buzzcuts and medics teaming up to take down troggs. WoW Gold rewards might be tiny, but the quests are sick yo!

- WoW Gold Pig price update: 1,000 WoW Gold now at $3.33. That's one of the cheapest prices anywhere-at least as far as legit suppliers go. Shady sellers hook you in with a penny or two in savings but then go in for the kill by hacking your account. Not cool bro so stick with The Pig!

Nov 23, 2010

- The Shattering is live now! WoW Gold Pig is buzzing with excitement and everyone's rolling new toons. Mine is a gnome priest named Luckycharms and plan to dish out nom nom nom heals in the upcoming rated battlegrounds!

- Asked the WoW Gold Pig fans if they're planning to get new alts. The Shattering has unlocked a dozen or so new race-class options plus the incredible revamped zones so it's like a whole new game already. Makes waiting for Cataclysm all the more bearable.

Nov 22, 2010

- Been wondering a bit what new race-class combination I'll roll on. Got about several thousand WoW Gold reserved for the alt and the choice boils down to a human hunter or a gnome priest. The former has great swagger but the latter is disgustingly cute!

- Some porkers are speculating that The Shattering might go live tomorrow due to an announcement from Blizzard that there will be extended maintenance. I'm not betting too much WoW Gold on that (my hunch is next week) but it would be awesome to get Patch 4.0.3a earlier.

Nov 21, 2010

- WoW Gold Pig's favorite holiday is here! Pilgrim's Bounty is now live on all realms, complete with Thanksgiving spreads and turkeys running around. Sit down with friends and pass around the free food to get awesome stat and reputation buffs.

- Pilgrim's Bounty also gives you the chance to turn anyone into a clucking turkey for an hour. You can be extra mean and transform the people battling the fire elementals and watch them burn to a delicious crisp. That's an instant Great Feast right there, with no WoW Gold spent. LOL.

Nov 18, 2010

- Thursdays are always a slow day at the office or school. It's almost raiding Friday and the weekend seems within reach. Best thing I do to pass the time fast is talk to guildies on our raiding plans while fixing the guild bank and transferring WoW Gold in between toons.

- With the weekend coming up, WoW Gold Pig is planning to finally finish all those Elemental Invasion quests for all my alts. Only the main has gotten around to pummeling the invaders so it would be nice if everyone else gets a taste of almost-Cataclysm fun.

Nov 17, 2010

- WoW Gold Pig price update: 1,000 WoW Gold now is just under $3. That's seriously cheap bacon, yo. Haul some in now before Thanksgiving. Trust us; nothing's better than having a fast stack of WoW Gold to go along with your fully stuffed turkey.

- Facebook fans got a laugh out of my recent friend visit. Got slammed for playing a female toon, but then again the male toons aren't that great to begin with. I'd rather have a sexy booty shaker (female nelf) than a roid-pumping goat (male draenei) fillin' up my screen.

Nov 16, 2010

- Patch 4.0.3 is now ready for download. It's a mighty big one at 700+ MB so go snack on some Doritos first while it gets booted up. It's also kind of pointless to be all giddy because most of the new content like additional race-class options won't be activated yet.

- Porkers are speculating the Cataclysm features will be released around early December or just a week before the actual expansion launch. In the meantime, at least there's the Thanksgiving event where we can feast on ham and WoW Gold from the holiday quests.

Nov 9, 2010

- Just in time for Cataclysm, Blizzard has released a new dial-in authenticator. A keylogger or hacker would need access to your phone and know your PIN to bypass the dial-in authenticator. This should keep our accounts and WoW Gold safer than ever before.

- The Pig doesn't recommend using the dial-in authenticator on its own; you should use it on top of the token authenticator and mobile authenticator. There's no additional cost for installing it so why not? Better safe than sorry, especially when you've bought all that WoW Gold for Cataclysm.

Nov 8, 2010

- Asked a mini-poll on what's keeping you porkers sane while waiting for Cataclysm. Answers ranged from leveling alts to listening to Weird Al music. I'll bet a good number are also budgeting their WoW Gold because based on spoilers, the new gear rocks!

- WoW Gold Pig is sprucing up the Pig HQ. It's getting to be a dump with all the junk food and cold meats that's being passed around. Hoping we keep it together until the Cataclysm launch because I'd hate to play the new expansion with Cheetos in between the keyboard. :@)

Nov 14, 2010

- Warchief Thrall has stepped down as Warchief and can now be seen hanging out in Nagrand, Outland. What's he doing there? Consulting his elders on what's causing all these elemental attacks. WoW Gold Pig salutes the ex-leader of the Horde and wishes him well. Lok'tar ogar!

- Third phase of the Elemental Invasion is now live so that means additional WoW Gold from all quest running. Five new missions are available surrounding the elementals and crazy Twilight's Hammer cult. You can finish them in 30 minutes tops so get right on it!

Nov 10, 2010

- Don't starve yourself on Thanksgiving Day dudes! Reserve those turkeys now at the local supermarket so you don't get stuck with awful turkey "substitutes." No amount of salt (or WoW Gold) can wipe the taste of a tofu feast. Blech!

- A friendly porker reminder: When you don't get your confirmation email from WoW Gold Pig, send an e-mail to [email protected] Helpful staff will be on standby to assist and resend your order information plus an update on when you'll get your WoW Gold

Nov 14, 2010

- Warchief Thrall has stepped down as Warchief and can now be seen hanging out in Nagrand, Outland. What's he doing there? Consulting his elders on what's causing all these elemental attacks. WoW Gold Pig salutes the ex-leader of the Horde and wishes him well. Lok'tar ogar!

- Third phase of the Elemental Invasion is now live so that means additional WoW Gold from all quest running. Five new missions are available surrounding the elementals and crazy Twilight's Hammer cult. You can finish them in 30 minutes tops so get right on it!

Nov 10, 2010

- Don't starve yourself on Thanksgiving Day dudes! Reserve those turkeys now at the local supermarket so you don't get stuck with awful turkey "substitutes." No amount of salt (or WoW Gold) can wipe the taste of a tofu feast. Blech!

- A friendly porker reminder: When you don't get your confirmation email from WoW Gold Pig, send an e-mail to [email protected] Helpful staff will be on standby to assist and resend your order information plus an update on when you'll get your WoW Gold

Nov 9, 2010

- Just in time for Cataclysm, Blizzard has released a new dial-in authenticator. A keylogger or hacker would need access to your phone and know your PIN to bypass the dial-in authenticator. This should keep our accounts and WoW Gold safer than ever before.

- The Pig doesn't recommend using the dial-in authenticator on its own; you should use it on top of the token authenticator and mobile authenticator. There's no additional cost for installing it so why not? Better safe than sorry, especially when you've bought all that WoW Gold for Cataclysm.

Nov 8, 2010

- Asked a mini-poll on what's keeping you porkers sane while waiting for Cataclysm. Answers ranged from leveling alts to listening to Weird Al music. I'll bet a good number are also budgeting their WoW Gold because based on spoilers, the new gear rocks!

- WoW Gold Pig is sprucing up the Pig HQ. It's getting to be a dump with all the junk food and cold meats that's being passed around. Hoping we keep it together until the Cataclysm launch because I'd hate to play the new expansion with Cheetos in between the keyboard. :@)

Nov 7, 2010

- Bacon's cheap now at just under $3 per 1k WoW Gold. Four weeks to go before Cataclysm and you wouldn't want to be caught in the pile jam for Gold. Stock up now and be ready to spend it all for the brand new gear as it goes live.

- While waiting for the Cataclysm to hit, I've been hanging out the battlegrounds a bit. Man, do those subtlety rogues hit like a rampaging hog! Ambush one-shots send me to the graveyard in a blink of an eye. Seriously thinking of spending my fat pile of WoW Gold for lowbie epics.

Nov 3, 2010

- Remember Blizzard's plan to have region-wide Battlegroups? Well, they're implementing it now! US Battlegroups are now being linked so we can all have a wider pool of random porkers to team up with for rated battlegrounds and dungeon runs. Sweet!

- Read the newest WoW Gold Pig blog post to learn about the official porker spells for Cataclysm. Maybe Ghostcrawler will stumble upon the page and use some of the nifty ideas we had like Druid Form: Pig and the Pork Rind bubble.

Nov 2, 2010

- We're one step closer to Cataclysm with the new Patch 4.0.3. Elementals are threatening to invade the capital cities so the Alliance big shots have called in the dwarf shamans to help out, plus giving us WoW Gold quests to infiltrate the cult behind this new threat.

- For max-level 80s, the new Elemental invasion quests should bring in an extra hundred or so WoW Gold. That's not bad at all for completing the fun and lore-heavy quests. I'd have done them for free anyway. Plan to use the extra bacon for Reforging and maybe a new epic gem.

Nov 1, 2010

- Hey porkers, it's the last stretch to get your Hallow's End mounts! If luck is on your side, you'll get the Headless Horseman ride or at least a wicked flying broomstick for your efforts. Don't forget to buy WoW Gold from the WGP store to buy tasty treats and gear for Cataclysm.

- The Cataclysm digital download is available now. You can sign up through the account page and then purchase the expansion early. After several hours of patching, you'll be all set to play Cataclysm together with the retail owners on the Dec. 7 worldwide launch!

Oct 27, 2010

- Can you do a poker face? Female worgens can! "Poker Face" is the official dance of the new Alliance ladies and the WoW Gold Pig Facebook page has the full vid. With all the sick hand moves and arm flailing, this should give the "Single Ladies" goblins a run for their money.

- With all the new dances coming out, there's bound to be a discussion on who can do the sweetest grind at the mailbox. Definitely not the worgen male-no one would pay a single WoW Gold to see their ultra cheesy "My Love" moves.

Oct 26, 2010

- There's a new official BlizzCon wallpaper that came out featuring the main villains of each series: Deathwing (WoW), Queen of Blades (StarCraft) and Diablo (Diablo). Corrupted Kerrigan takes the center spot, distracting me and the other piggies with her sexy armor.

- If you missed BlizzCon 2010 and don't know how to hang with the cool kids who went there or watched via pay-per-view, don't worry. The Pig has your back with a new WoW Gold Pig blog post. Go there now to read up on the best and worst moments in BlizzCon 2010.

Oct 25, 2010

- Blizzcon 2010 weekend just ended and it was a blast-even if I only watched it via pay-per-view. The little snag is there's still no announcement of the next-gen MMO rumored to succeed WoW. Maybe next year then, after we've squeezed all the WoW Gold and gear from Cataclysm?

- Someone spiked the water cooler so the whole WoW Gold Pig has gone hog crazy! We're giving away a year's worth of REAL scrumptious bacon when you order WoW Gold until October 31, 2010. So if you want to bring home that bacon haul, better order now!

Oct 20, 2010

- The better your rig, the more awesome time you'll have playing the Cataclysm expansion. Check the updated system requirements for the new WoW expansion. If you can, upgrade to the recommended spec so all that WoW Gold-bought gear really pops out on your screen!

- Opened a new discussion thread in the WoW Gold Pig Facebook page. Visit the Watering Hole thread and join us in counting down the days to Cataclysm. I'll drop in at times to see what's cooking, but I'm already predicting some spicy talks on optimal specs and must-buy gear

Oct 19, 2010

- It's a relief that toons don't get fat, because I'm letting them eat all the Halloween candy they can. Hard to resist the temptation because the candy doesn't cost WoW Gold and you can eat one every hour for a buff. They also come in four funny flavors :@)

- Suggest the official Pig spell for Cataclysm! Bacon of Light? Frosties Nova? Post your entry to the Gold Pig Facebook wall and the winner will be chosen based on the number of Likes you receive. If porkers vote you to the top, then you'll get a shout out in my next blog post!

Oct 18, 2010

- Glimpsed the new Cataclysm cinematic intro and it's more breathtaking than a mound of unclaimed WoW Gold. Auberdine, the Barrens, Loch Modan dam and Stormwind all got a beating from Deathwing. By the size of him, we may be raiding his foot pinkie!

- Hallow's End has arrived again in WoW and every town is giving away those delicious treat bags. Lots of people are also having fun with the costumes. Liked the assassin one, which incidentally is the one that's going for the most WoW Gold now in trade chat ads.

Oct 17, 2010

- Tested out the new Reforging mechanic and I'm happy to say that it's definitely worth the WoW Gold. For example, my raiding mage converted her extra Stamina to Haste and Critical Strike rating, and now his cast time and DPS are off the charts!

- Tons of people are ordering WoW Gold now to re-glyph, re-gem and stock up for Cataclysm. The Pig expects the Patch 4.0.1 rush to subside in a week so if you plan to order or have ordered, please be patient. We're tapping more suppliers to deliver your bacon faster.

Oct 13, 2010

- Decided to give Blizzard some pig lovin' at the WoW Gold Pig Facebook wall. Just created the official Patch 4.0.1 LIKE wall where porkers can gush about their favorite new mechanic/spell/talent. So far, Earthquake and Soul Shards are racking up raves!

- Extremely honored that a group of fans named their guild after me. SBP stands for "Sponsored by the Pig" and they named it that way since all of them get their bacon from me. It's a nice sentiment and I might just drop by soon with a bunch of meats as a guildwarming present.

Oct 12, 2010

- Downloading Patch 4.0.1 right now! It's around 4.76GB and should usher all the new Cataclysm class changes we've been hearing about for months. Mighty excited for the Reforging mechanic too and plan to spend a lot of WoW Gold customizing my gear.

- Seems like a lot of WoW Gold Pig fans are taking it to the Facebook page to complain about the patching hiccups for Patch 4.0.1. Frequent crashes on start up are not a good sign so I hope Blizzard fixes it in time for my paladin's Holy Power test run!

Oct 10, 2010

- Just hit 80 with my Fire mage! Plan to fry up some tasty boss meat in ICC, and then carry his fantastic DPS over to Cataclysm. Took some WoW Gold to get him geared up but it's gonna be so worth it when and if I top on damage in the coming raids.

- I also hope Deathwing doesn't have fire resist. Yeah he'll probably erupt from a freaking volcano but I'm begging Blizzard not to repeat fire resists like those in Molten Core. It'll force me to go Arcane and who knows how much WoW Gold that re-spec will cost me.

Oct 5, 2010

- Lately, I've been just chilling out in World of Warcraft with my human woman pally. Took off all her tanking armor and assembled some sexier looks. It's cost me quite a bit of WoW Gold, buying all those outfits, but at least she has a kickass wardrobe now.

- Don't know what will happen to your precious Frost and Triumph emblems? Come Cataclysm, these will be turned into Justice Points to a cap of 4,000 JP. Excess JP will bring in half a WoW Gold per point so look forward to a big payday!

Oct 4, 2010

- It's official. Cataclysm comes out in stores December 7. That's just 61 days away to pack our survival kits, take screenshots of soon-to-be obsolete zones, and get enough WoW Gold to get us ready for the fight against Deathwing. Let the countdown begin!

- Datamining dudes have uncovered a wicked Alchemy potion for Cataclysm. It's called Vial of the Sands and one sip turns you into a dragon-and even lets a friend ride you like a mount! Maybe I can compete against the gryphons and charge WoW Gold per flight…

Sept 28, 2010

- Dwarf paladin tank running heroics forgot to put his Righteous Fury on. Called him out: "Turn on RF, moob." But I meant to say noob. Hope he wasn't hurt by it because I know the WoW Gold Pig doesn't like his jiggly parts being called out like that.

- Just thinking how epic it would be for the Alliance and Horde leaders to fight 6-vs-6. Wrynn should deal most damage with his whirlwind and Velen for healing done. But Sylvanas should get most kills with that bow of hers. Wonder how much WoW Gold it costs to learn under her?

Sept 27, 2010

- There's a goblin on the loose at the WoW Gold Pig homepage! The mysterious greenskin is running around with a sack of my bacon. Who is he and what's he doing with all that WoW Gold? Join the porkers in guessing at the WGP Facebook page.

- Cataclysm beta just removed the Dalaran portals. For the past expansion, level 80 players have been parking their hearthstones at the mage city because it gives great access to the other capitals. Might have to move back to Ironforge where the WoW Gold vaults are huge.

Sept 22, 2010

- a quick tour of the festival grounds can help you finish the Tastes Like Chicken and It's Happy Hour Somewhere achievements. Might cost a bit of WoW Gold but you'll have a grand time plus a food buff.

- It's time to get smashed in Brewfest! The monthly holiday event outside of Ironforge and Orgrimmar has all the makings of a wild rodeo party: Booze, rams and evil Dark Iron dwarves out to steal the mead. Don't forget to tip the barmaids with WoW Gold!

Sept 21, 2010

- More juicy info on the Running Wild mount ability of Worgens: It seems to be a racial ability that adjusts according to level. 60% running speed at level 20-39 and goes up to 100% at level 40 up. Which means Worgens can spend more on gear because mounts cost nada.

- Blizzard has activated the new heroic dungeons now live on the WoW Cataclysm beta. Minimum gear check is said to be ilvl 333 blues. Which means the expansion raids might drop up to ilvl 400 loot. Glad I have a huge stock of WoW Gold because I'll snag those kick-ass gear for sure.

Sept 20, 2010

- It's confirmed! Worgens aren't getting any mounts, but will instead have the Running Wild ability that speeds them up. Imagine them sprinting on all fours. The cost of WoW Gold is still the same and will most probably available via trainers. Sad though—no more were-pigs :@(

- Blizzard is slowly sneaking in data in our computers ahead of Cataclysm! If you open your WoW launcher, you'll see a message "Data for the next patch is available" and when you exit the game, it'll start downloading a 1.58GB packet of the finished expansion.

Sept 15, 2010

- Used to be bored with druids because I couldn't see the epics I farmed and bought with WoW Gold. But I just might roll a troll druid in Cataclysm. Their cat form is sick with all those tribal paint stripes and they have rad colors on their manes.

- Had steak dinner care of mom visiting my place. I'd want her to do this everyday but she always nags me about how I keep on playing WoW so maybe just once a month. I can spare one day of grinding WoW Gold to eat her fantastic meals.

Sept 14, 2010

- Gonna have to go double time with my Frost and Triumph emblem runs. Just heard from Blizz that both emblems will be converted to Justice points, the currency for the next Tier 10 gear. Plus if I go over the points cap, the excess will be converted to WoW Gold. Woot!

- A WoW guildie said she doesn't see what's so hot about Cooking. She said it at random when we were talking about our least favorite profession. Sure it can be boring to level at times, but it's amazing at the upper levels for raiding and selling Fish Feast mats on the AH.

Sept 13, 2010

- There's a rumor going around that Cataclysm is coming out November 2. If true, that's gives us less than two months to save up on WoW Gold and level up to 80 for the end-game content. Guess those new fall shows will have be TiVoed for now.

- Dudes, there's a bunch of previewed content at the Cataclysm site. Northern Barrens, Azshara and other old world zones—all of them seem to be knee-deep in conflict. WoW Gold won't save you from harm's way, but at least it might get you an honor kill.

Sept 7, 2010

- The Operation: Gnomeregan and Zalazane's Fall world events are now under way. As an Alliance pig, I've headed down to Dun Morogh to help the gnomes drive out a diabolic engineer who's radiated their home town. Plus the WoW Gold quest rewards are huge!

- There's a bug to one of the Operation: Gnomeregan NPCs and it's stopped the whole WoW Gold Pig crew from going further in the quest line. Blizzard peeps are fixing it now while a bunch of Alliance porkers are hanging out at the spawn point.

Sept 6, 2010

- Heard from beta testers that CC is making a huge comeback in Cataclysm. It's like you'll pay a lot of WoW Gold in repairs if you keep on Blizzard spamming each pull. Guess I'd better practice sheeping now but in ICC they keep ordering me to Blizzard…

- It's obvious that here at the WoW Gold Pig, we like to eat and play WoW. Most of the time we do both at the same time. Take for example, a bowl of popcorn. I keep a napkin over the keyboard so my PC rig and raiding duties don't get messy. Whatever works, right?

Sept 5, 2010

- Before resting for the weekend, thought up a nice way to keep the WoW Gold Pig fans busy. Posted a story thread in Facebook that began with "There was once a Paladin in Goldshire..." and 34 comments in, tons of wacky things have happened.

- Ok so as a recap: Batman and Robin show up, Ironforge gets blown up by a reckless mage, druids are wiped out by a forest fire, but a sympathetic paladin rezzes them all, all the while Lich King eats his bacon and the almighty WoW Gold Pig rains down moolah :@)

Sept 2, 2010

- My bank alt outblings his Auction House buddies. He has antique silver cufflinks, noble's monocle and a diamond-tipped cane all bought from some bonus bacon I got from the WoW Gold Pig bank. Belf baller aristocrat FTW!

- Some exciting Cataclysm news. The new glyph of Polymorph turns foes into a... MONKEY. I'm gonna miss the penguin but this is just bananas! It would be funny as heck if I could throw some WoW Gold and these morphed monkies would scamper about collecting the coins.

Sept 1, 2010

- WoW Gold Pig got a rave from a delighted porker who ordered a whopping 30,000 WoW Gold. He said he was at work when the package was delivered via mailbox, and helped him purchase his must-have items. I humbly receive that "5 bacon rating".

- Just saw the goblin race leader and was in awe of his spider metal legs. Those could mince up disobeying goblins in a second, but a WoW Gold Pig fan who's in the Cataclysm beta said that after a quest line, those mechanical legs will be removed. *Disappointed*

Aug 31, 2010

- The latest batch of Cataclysm beta spoilers have arrived. Drooling over the "We Are Hardcore" guild achievement that asks you to get ALL the legendary weapons. Oh man, better save up on WoW Gold because this might give the "Hardcore" title. Hardcore Pig inc!

- Ran a random survey at the WoW Gold Pig Facebook wall on how far everyone is in clearing Icecrown Citadel. Seems like despite the 30% buff, only a few have downed Arthas and got his loot and WoW Gold. Just keep on collecting the Frosties porkers and you'll get there.

Aug 30, 2010

- Been leveling a mage via battlegrounds over the weekend. Best moment is when my frost nova kept cappers at bay and we won the We Had It All Along achievement. Spent some WoW Gold to gear my mage with blues and it's been worth all the ownage.

- I declare Monday the new diet cheat day for WoW Gold Pig fans. LOL. But seriously, it's pure torture to choose between juicy nuggets and grilled cheese so I'll just have both. Besides, it's my reward for my Heroic back-to-work effort.

Aug 26, 2010

- I like filling up the guild bank will all sorts of mats for professions and gearing up. There's nothing sexier than lines of smelted ores, although WoW Gold Pig fans said epic gems can be just as smoking especially for level 80s.

- Tanks need to master a few skills like maintaining aggro (beginner) and chain pulling mobs (advanced) for those "Go go, gotta get my WoW Gold!" Heroic dungeon runs. But for me, the mark of a God mode tank is one who can chain pull, mark and loot all at once.

Aug 25, 2010

- Blizzard is serving up some foul bacon for BlizzCon 2010 attendees. Seems like those who bough a ticket will also get a Deathwing Murloc named "Deathy" as an in-game companion pet. Murlocs just creep me out because no amount of WoW Gold can remove their ugly.

- It's hard to explain to Cali girls what a tank in World of Warcraft is. Short of showing them my actual paladin toon, I just describe it as "Warrior with a shield" who likes to spend WoW Gold for medieval gear. The knight in shining armor shtick usually works out.

Aug 24, 2010

- New fan wallpaper up at the Blizzard website and it's got blazing hot action. Garrosh and Varian wield their weapons against what looks like a Deathwing avatar. It's like an epic two-person raid against the big boss of Cataclysm—I wonder how much WoW Gold drops?

- Went with PuG runs yesterday but had a wipe from a pat. A couple of DPS dropped group which puzzled me because I'm the one racking up the WoW Gold repair bills here with my plate armor. Luckily the replacements finished the run and we got our Frost emblems.

Aug 23, 2010

- Many new players haven't cleared Blackwing Lair or Sunwell because they just went questing and farming WoW Gold until Northrend. But if Ghostcrawler and his team implement a "leveling down" system then they might just revisit these old raids.

- Much as I love my paladin, nothing beats a mage in becoming a WoW addict. They can conjure munchies and drinks on command and blink for a quick bio break. You can also earn real-life WoW Gold by sheeping people at the carnival. What's not to love?

Aug 22, 2010

- We're just hours away from revealing the 10,000 WoW Gold winner of the latest WGP Trivia Contest! That's a lot of bacon so to the lucky porker who nabs it all, be sure to share the WoW Gold with family and friends after shopping at the auction house.

- I like to hang out with the coolest-looking avatars in World of Warcraft. One of these is the innkeeper at Blood Watch just north of the Draenei capital. He carries this humongous ham and a broom, which makes you wonder if he's eating or cleaning.

Aug 19, 2010

- Posted a bacon cooking vid on the WoW Gold Pig Facebook wall, and it's got tips on how to properly fry those strips to perfection. Funny thing is, the porkers liked the "wrong" cooked bacon more, all burnt and soggy and dripping with grease.

- Kinda missing the Chuck Norris jokes that used to fill up trade chat for hours on end. Porkers used to one up each other on the most epic Chuck Norris achievements, from killing the Lich King with a single kick to producing WoW Gold out of thin air.

Aug 18, 2010

- Wowza! Blizz just revealed what's inside the Cataclysm Collector's Edition and it's munchier than a mound of pork ribs. It has a soundtrack CD, an illustration art book plus other cool gaming items. It's a must-have so start saving up those WoW Gold porkers!

- Just realized I'm hooked on add-ons. Tried to PvP without them and got skewered like a helpless piggy! (Rebuilding ego now with WoW Gold shopping for epics at the auction house) Might need to work at it because most porkers said it can be done.

Aug 17, 2010

- We're close to announcing the winner of the WoW Gold Pig trivia contest. Just preparing the free bacon before naming the lucky porker. Wonder if the dude or dudette will spend the 10,000 WoW Gold or just save it for Cataclysm…

- I'm usually a nice pig when lowbies come to me for help or some extra WoW Gold. But not when it comes to Hogger. Being killed by that elite mob- and the sweet payback when you get to kill him- is an experience every Alliance toon should go through alone.

Aug 16, 2010

- Monday's here and it's back to work at the WoW Gold Pig HQ. Had to drag myself out of bed and eat a lot to get pumped for the day. That weekend hangover could be the reason why Tuesday is maintenance day-the gnomes at Blizzard are too cranky to do it on Mondays.

- Didn't notice I was bothering a fellow porker beside me when playing WoW. Seems like I tend to shout "Kapow!" when throwing an Avenger's Shield, the awesome silencing spell of my prot pally. It also hits like a massive truck filled with WoW Gold.

Aug 15, 2010

- Had a smokin' bacon time chatting up the damsels at the Ironforge pub last Friday night. It was packed like the WoW Gold in the goblin banks so I got my game on smooth talking babes. The Sulfuron Slammer drinks helped a lot to loosen us up!

- Get your pigtail blown off by listening to the new login music for Cataclysm. It's so awesome that using it as background music can make everything-from killing critters in Goldshire to withdrawing WoW Gold-will feel all kinds of epic!

Aug 12, 2010

- The day before Cataclysm hits, I plan to park my prot pally in the most rustic pig farm in Azeroth: Grol'dom Farm. Some WoW Gold Pig fans will stay at more exotic locations like the Un'goro Crater and the Burning Steppes-how about you?

- Waiting for guild mates to finish their WoW Gold dailies. In the meantime, I'm cooking pot roast for dinner! Do you know that tomatoes blend well with the carrots and potatoes, and I believe my new recipe might win a Dalaran Cooking Award for awesomeness.

Aug 11, 2010

- The latest WoW Gold Pig trivia contest is going into overdrive. More than 50 porkers have guessed the Pig mascot's name and one of them stands to win 10,000 WoW Gold. There's still time to squeeze in your entry so post at the Facebook wall now.

- Asked the porkers what they'll do with the 10,000 WoW Gold prize: Spend it at once or save it for Cataclysm? Most will be building a nest egg for the upcoming expansion but not before getting the epic flying skill, which costs 4,500 WoW Gold.

Aug 10, 2010

- We have a new WoW Gold Pig trivia contest! Just post the name of the official Pig mascot on our Facebook wall and get a chance to win 10,000 WoW Gold. It's an open secret to just copy the most common answer, but you can find the trivia in our blog.

- A porker fan just got the super rare Sea Turtle mount, which can only be caught via fishing. Some players spend years-and thousands of casts-just to get this mount so props for her luck. She must have rubbed hard on a WoW Gold coin or something.

Aug 9, 2010

- My prot pally is yearning for a new eye-popping shield in the Cataclysm expansion. Been saving up some WoW Gold so that when I see a lava-spewing shield going for 10k Gold in the auction house, I can snap it up faster than you can say BACON!

- At the WoW Gold Pig, only a couple of us porkers like fishing as a profession. Most of those that don't bother with it say it's boring as plain pancakes. But when you level it up, I've found that it can be as lucrative in earning WoW Gold as mining.

Aug 8, 2010

- Been leveling a Horde alt and just noticed that the Ragefire Chasm dungeon just might have the best loot drop rate in the game. It's like every other mob there drops a green or gem, which makes it a great source of easy WoW Gold.

- When you're feeling lazy on a Sunday evening and can't be bothered to farm WoW Gold, nothing's better to do than join a mob pack in Wintergrasp. It's amusing to see your enemies dropping like flies when they get focused by a bunch of geared 80's.

Aug 5, 2010

- Porkers, I posted a new recipe at the WoW Gold Pig blog for you to try out. This real-life Dalaran Clam Chowder uses crispy bacon, creamy butter and sexy spices to make it delicious. If you want to make it look authentic, just add some blueberries while simmering.

- Wishing they could reveal the new Goblin leader already. I want it to be a very bratty trade princess who likes to count her WoW Gold and will do anything for a profit. It's about time Azeroth had someone to call Her Royal Greediness.

Aug 4, 2010

- Queen Azshara is one smokin' babe and just might dethrone Lady Sylvanas for the evil hotness crown. The Queen of the Naga makes her first appearance in the Cataclysm expansion and no amount of WoW Gold will make me miss her appearance in Vashj'ir.

- Been everywhere, man? New video uploaded at the WoW Gold Pig wall showing off all that's there to see in World of Warcraft. It's the best time to take your epic flyer around and make a pilgrimage to the cool destinations you might've missed while leveling.

Aug 2, 2010

- Restocked on WoW Gold and bought some goodies at the auction house. Got me thinking that I never really use the "Bid" option-I just buyout items because I want the lootz now. But some porkers said bidding can be great if you're patient enough.

- Patience is a virtue I want to learn as a WoW-playing piggy. I have a very short tolerance for farming, bargain-hunting and other similar boring tasks. The way I see it, I have WoW Gold and I'll spend it to make every minute of my game time a blast.

Aug 1, 2010

- Came down with something and had to subsist in a soup diet for the several days. My buddies at the WoW Gold Pig said it did wonders for me-getting sick, that is. Lost several pounds I think but I'll probably gain it back when I start raiding again.

- Speaking of raids, one of the best things about having a lot of WoW Gold saved up is that when I came back on, I could gear up an alt instead of logging on to my main, who's an officer. It's helping my recovery not having to micromanage 50 peeps.

July 27, 2010

- Facing a tough choice in Cataclysm. Roll a mischievous Goblin or a ferocious Worgen? Posted a comparison between the two new races at the WoW Gold Pig blog to help me decide. They came out even so maybe I'll get both of them as alts.

- The mini-Thor pet has been let loose in Dalaran and all its rackety shooting is noisier than a pouch of jingling WoW Gold. Tried to pat it thinking it was cute as a button but then it started attacking me. That dude-er, pet-has some serious issues

July 26, 2010

- It's Ice Cream Month so I posted a video on how to make tempura-fried ice cream at the WoW Gold Pig blog. It's easy to make (and the chef is easy on the eyes) so take a break from Cataclysm testing and slurp those chilled desserts.

- Met a bratty punk while doing my daily frost runs. He wanted to kick our girl tank just because she's a bit more careful about mob-chaining. Made like a gentlepig and told him off. He soon left the group sans emblems and WoW Gold!

July 25, 2010

- Porkers are wagging their pigtails for WoW Gold and the latest Cataclysm vids. While the WoW Gold Pig store can take care of the first one, the second one led me to post clips of the Goblin and Worgen starting zones. Go watch ‘em if you have the time.

- WoW Gold Pig is in the Cataclysm beta—sort of. The Goblin bank in the Kezan has a ginormous pig statue watching over the bankers depositing their hard-earned WoW Gold. Excited to get more sightings of the Pig in closed beta!

July 22, 2010

- Sneaky rogues bothering the Pig in the battlegrounds. The WoW Gold Pig posse helped out though by suggesting the best classes to counter the backstabbing stunlockers. I'm leaning towards making a hunter, possibly a Worgen in Cataclysm.

- Part of what made me decide to roll a Worgen hunter is the new vid showing off their meaner look. The gritted teeth are showing now like they're biting down some beef jerky. I'll hook my future toon up with WoW Gold and scare some noob Hordies.

July 21, 2010

-It's National Junk Food Day so screw the diet, I'm gonna chomp on all the Cheetos, pizza and Wendy's burgers I can get my grubby hands on. The virtual snack bar is piling up at the WoW Gold Pig Facebook wall so add your fave junk food now.

- Cheap bacon is being snatched up like hotcakes at the WoW Gold Pig store in preparation for the Cataclysm expansion. Stocking up on WoW Gold is a great way to prepare for the new talent trees, which just got implemented in closed beta.

July 20, 2010

- Posted a new WoWGoldPig blog post about the new combo-based Holy Power resource for Paladins. LOLrets are betting major WoW Gold that this will get them out of the rut and return the glory of their 3.0 pwning days.

- It's nice to come home and raid because I can be a sloppy pig and not get scolded like I do at the WoWGoldPig HQ. Spent WoW Gold on vanilla ice cream and poured it on my frankfurter buns when it melted. Almost passed out at the awesomeness!

July 19, 2010

- Porkers have been searching for a shot of the new Worgen mount. A kind piggy posted a concept drawing on the WowGoldPig Facebook wall and it looks like a war hog. Woot! Gonna feed it a diet of apples and WoW Gold until it’s plump enough.

- Cataclysm beta testers discovered the new area dedicated to Hogger, the most notorious human noob killer ever. Posted a short vid of Hogger Hill near the Stormwind capital plus the carcasses rotting around the famous elite mob.

July 18, 2010

- A porker posted a funny spoof of "A Man Apart" in the WoWGoldPig Facebook wall. In "Shaman Apart" Vince Diesel gets the shaman treatment—instead of a gun he's holding a staff and wearing wolf shoulders and a caster kilt!

- A buddy of mine invited her gf along for my laptop WoWathon. She got so bored she decided to roll a Legolas hunter. After an hour, she wouldn't let go. My friend had to bribe her WoW Gold just so he can go back to playing with us. LOL.

July 15, 2010

- Fish Feast might cost a bit of WoW Gold, but it's one of the best raid consumables out there. If you’ve ever wondered what a Fish Feast would taste like in real life, then try out the recipe on our new WoWGoldPig blog post.

- Noobs always whisper me for some WoW Gold donation whenever I bring out my bank alt and his Diamond-tipped Cane. They assume I'm loaded with Gold (which I am) but if they just asked nicely maybe I'd send some bacon their way.

July 14, 2010

- Holy guacamole! Looks like the WoWGoldPig HQ won’t be holding a Mexican fiesta soon after the CDC traced salsa and guacamole dips as common sources of food poisoning. We haven’t had a bad batch yet so we'll hold off for a month.

- Cataclysm beta has released details on the 31-point talent trees. It's far from complete but the initial active skill Avenger's Shield for prot pallies is as brilliant as WoW Gold! Captain America shield throws as early as level 10? Sweeeet!

July 13, 2010

- The new fox model, which debuts in Cataclysm at the Gilneas starting zone, has this orange sheen that all WoW pigs should have as well. They'll be cuter with that healthy pink glow—or just make 'em all blue like WoWGoldPig.

- Thinking of hanging out at the beach this weekend to soak up the summer sun. Till then, it’s virtual tans for me in places like Land's End Beach in Tanaris. Maybe those belfs will notice me with skin glowing like WoW Gold.

July 12, 2010

- The Pig spent a ton of WoW Gold for Stoneblood Flasks since their prices spike after the Tuesday maintenance. Asked the WoWGoldPig porkers what they hoard on pre-patch day, and it seems raiding flasks are one of the most in-demand.

- Cataclysm class feedback is pouring in at the official forums. Everyone from Survival Hunters to Restoration druids are fussing over "broken" spells or mechanics. But I bet these can be fixed with enough WoW Gold for custom equipment.

July 11, 2010

- Blizzard heard the QQ of porkers against the Real ID change at the official WoW forums. It’s not requiring us to post with our real-life names anymore, but other features are still coming. Now we can all go back to WoW Gold farming!

- Went out fishing at the Dalaran fountain and got the ultra emo Kel’Thuzad gold coin. "Sometimes… I wish someone would come along and just give me a big, long hug." Shared it with the WoWGoldPig HQ and got LOL replies all day.

July 8, 2010

- It's been several days since Blizzard announced their Real ID plans for the official WoW forums, but there's no sign of the baconstorm ending soon. Not even a steaming stash of WoW Gold will make this right, methinks.

- LeBron James signs with the Miami Heat ending my dreams of seeing him with the LA Clippers. Yeah what was I thinking even expecting that to happen? Just wanted to see him play ball on days I'm not raiding in World of Warcraft.

July 7, 2010

- Porkers are losing their cool after Blizz announced plans to use the Real ID system at the official WoW forums. Never hung out much there anyway so didn't bother me much. Discovered it's fun to eat Doritos while reading flame wars.

- 1,000 WoW Gold for under $3 at the WoWGoldPig store - cheap and ready-to-eat bacon for all Facebook fans to gobble. With the Cataclysm beta already going into full swing, it won't hurt to hoard all the WoW Gold before the expansion rush.

July 6, 2010

- Twin Peaks, the new Cataclysm battleground, looks so cool. It has rivers, tunnels, bridges and dual spawn graveyards. Even if the map design isn't balanced, I plan to spend a lot of time there. WoW Gold from rated bgs be damned.

- Asked the porkers at the WoWGoldPig Facebook page if night elves are vegans. Nobody knew for sure. But it would suck if they only get their food from moonwells - they'd be missing out on Helboar bacon and other tasty meats.

July 5, 2010

- Midsummer Fire Festival has been snuffed out after smoldering for the last two weeks. Earned a hundred or so WoW Gold from visiting the fires but no go on the proto-drake meta achievement. The pole dancers were hot though!

- Hung out at the Dalaran sewers but being picky with my enemies (No frost mages, thanks). So I posted stuff on the WoWGoldPig wall while waiting for the rogues to show up. Psyched that some porkers got into Cataclysm beta - lucky pigs!

July 4, 2010

- Happy Fourth of July porkers! WoWGoldPig went all out with the BBQ feast, including burgers with faction-themed flags. The Horde patties seemed to have more catsup 'blood'; and I had a blast acting as a meat-starved Worgen!

- Checked up on the WoWGoldPig Facebook page and saw that I wasn't the only one craving for some WoW playtime. Some porkers have even posted their Cataclysm beta testing pics on my wall. (The goblin roller coasters are AWESOME.)

July 2, 2010

- Talked about staying cool while waiting for the finer things in life - mainly girls and WoW beta keys. If they get lucky with the latter, WoWGoldPig fans said they'll roll a new Worgen or Goblin, and fly around the brand-new zones.

- Speaking of Cataclysm beta, data miners have unearthed all the awesome blacksmith crafted gear. One helmet even had +400 Stamina so imagine the fat HP boost when we're decked out in Cata gear! Time to save up on WoW Gold and buy these ASAP.

July 1, 2010

- Spent WoW Gold on the Auction House for all kinds of food - Helboar Bacon, Fish Feast and Hot Lion Chops! That last one is my pally's childhood favorite. Porkers shared their top picks for non-80 food, including the hot Dragonbreath Chili.

- Got mobbed by Final Fantasy fans who said their new MMO will bring down World of Warcraft. So of course I called for back-up. WoWGoldPig fans said in just a month or two these traitors will come running back to Azeroth, begging for WoW Gold!

June 29, 2010

- Burger is literally on everyone's mouths at the WoWGoldPig Facebook page. Everything from melt-in-your-mouth Big Macs to virtual buns filled with Stormwind cow patties. Wonder how much WoW Gold that kind of burger would cost?

- I shared tips on how to throw a ham fit and get away with it at the WoWGoldPig blog. We porkers get into the funk once in awhile, so learn to make it up to your patient guildies. You can bake them brownies or offer a WoW Gold dungeon run.

June 28, 2010

- Still sad the US World Cup team lost over the weekend. Went out and spent WoW Gold on tasty In-N-Out burgers, which tasted almost better than Helboar bacon. Other porkers suggested McNuggets and mozzarella sticks as well.

- Won the roll for Frostscythe of Lord Ahune, the Midsummer rare drop! My paladin couldn't use it so had to vendor it. Got a sweet 29 WoW Gold which added up nicely to my stash in WoW Gold Pig. But when in pig's sake will I get that Frigid Frostling pet?

June 25, 2010

- From the streets of Hollywood to the steps of Dalaran bank, there's a new obsession that will knock out dudes through sheer hotness: flaming braziers! Ogle the tasty pics in a new blog post titled 'The Quest for Fiery Undergarments'.

- Porkers clapped their hooves for the WoWGoldPig contest winner revealed yesterday. The lucky winner will get a smashing 5k WoW Gold in time for the Patch 3.3.5 Ruby Sanctum raid. Or he may buy a ton of helboar bacon - which is as good!

June 24, 2010

- The Pig has chosen a lucky porker to win 5k WoW Gold for posting the funniest 'pig' joke in Facebook. Check the WoWGoldPig page and send him a congratulatory pat on the ham - that's a lot of bacon to spend in-game!

- A fan posted on the WoWGoldPig wall a sign advertising for Pig Powders. Now the Pig doesn't know what exactly is in that powder to have a claim of preventing and curing diseases. Or maybe it's the grounded meat of Hogger and makes you as tough as a minted WoW Gold coin.

June 23, 2010

- Another WoW Gold contest enters its final stretch. You have until Wednesday to post a screengrab of your toon telling a 'pig joke' with the funniest porker winning 5,000 WoW Gold. It's not too late - post an entry at the WGP Facebook wall

- Midsummer Fire Festival has begun in World of Warcraft! Some porkers booing the repetitive holiday event (nothing's changed much aside from Ahune getting ilvl 232 loot and a higher WoW Gold prize). But others are psyched for the two weeks of pole dancing!
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